Lat 42º 34,2' N
Log 8º 51,5' W

Peter and William Cronin, Yucatan 55.

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Peter and William just having the time of our lives.

This is what makes sailing enjoyable and I never thought I would say this of a boatyard.

The highest approval and the reasons.

Large 180 ton lift no need to remove forestay or backstay large beam vessels not getting squeezed.

The high standard of cleaness of yard and facilities.

Low cost for hauling and standing time.

Fair charging for labour.

Being able to discuss the invoicing and approved by both the owner and management.

The management is a family with along sailing experience and understand what sailors and oweners require.

They go well beyond any other yard to help you and your vessel no matter how long your stay.

Having pride not only in there work and your boat but making sure you are a satisfied customer.

A yard you can be more than happy to put your trust and boat in.

Yucatan shall be returning to XUFRE and a family of friends .

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